Thursday, December 10, 2009

God's Artistry with Wind and Snow

I'm hoping the storm encountered this week is the last for December, at least! Though not nearly as hard on us as the storm of two years ago (heavy ice, power outage for nearly a week, etc.), this one has brought what I consider Delightful Snow!

Okay, before you question my sanity, consider the beauty of a world covered in white, decorated by the Hand of God, with ripples and waves as if on a sand beach, and the silent hush that is created when no man dares enter the scene. It doesn't last long, of course; but it is worth reveling in that span of time when you can marvel at this part of God's creation!

Thus I begin my first efforts at blogging (it's the new fad, you know--though I'm not being critical here in saying thus! just facetious). Mainly I wanted a way to share my photos with family and what friends might be interested. I must hasten to add: these are not professionally done, nor even edited much, except to quickly make them more view-worthy. My camera tends to render it too dark, in other words. :-D
All were taken between December 8-9. The reason for the vehicles is to show the Hackett van, plus give a bit of the idea of progression of snow amounts. The first two were taken around 9 am on the 8th. The snow was fairly light at that point.

(Out the front door, then ...
out the west door)

The video shows that same time period, so you can watch the snow falling.

By mid-day:

It's getting deeper...look at the mailbox! And the poor kittens are leaving tracks as they venture out from their warm spot in the pickup (transmission is currently out, so they can get in the cab through the floor hole), to the porch where I have food and water.

What is left of the wood pile is getting buried, as well as the Escort!

Zoom in on the mailbox
and the cat prints by around 5 pm:

Overnight, the wind howled ... from the northwest, 20-30 mph with gusts to 40 mph ... at least, that's what they said in predictions. I do know that it was noisy as it went around the house and between our house and the neighbors' house!!

Then comes the morning.
I marvelled at these "waves" created by the winds overnight. Some of the little "sticks" in the lower left are actually pine needles dropped onto/into the snow, by the wind. It took most of the morning (with breaks for warming up!) to clear the driveway and sidewalks. The sun managed to compress the snow all day Wednesday (9th), making it harder to scoop if you hadn't done it early in the day, like we did. The snowplows had made one pass through the street, creating the "dam" that needed cleared from the driveway entrance, as well. Dave did a super job! I had tried a little path clearing that first evening, just at the main entrace (more to hopefully not have him track in as much snow into the house). That little bit was enough to throw my back out enough it hurt a bit. Don't worry, I've already recovered. :-D

Some drifting here, but not a lot.

Dave handled the shoveling chore, ...

with great results on the front sidewalks!

Well, this is more than enough for one blog time. Thanks for bearing with me on this project. I'll try to be more brief in the future!

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